NDIO removes the information opacity problem which is a chronicle matter of IP industry, and clarifies ownership / licensing. It enables easier IP licensing in global market through adopting smart contracts on tokenized IP. Also, more transparent and quicker calculation of copyright revenue and licensing fee for creators could be made through smart contract.
  • Efficiency

    Efficient music production, debut, marketing & PR features for the artists
    Smart contract based automated copyright royalty revenue allocation

  • Transparency

    Transparent settlement and usage of copyright / IP data records
    Removing IP industrial opacity through Smart Contracts
    (Payment/Settlement/Legal reference of copyright) Trust-based data accumulation


    Securing content in global markets
    Vitalizing Global IP trades through construction of Global IP network

NDIO is a collaboration of DIOCIAN, a global artist collaboration platform, and NPER, a blockchain development company.

  • Korea ministry of culture, sports and tourism minister Award

  • Gom & Company investment inducement and contents alliance agreement

NDIO have won numerous awards, and have attracted investments from leading companies.
With outstanding technology and personnel, NDIO is expanding its business to the global stage.


NDIO provides distinguished services with the best practice usage of blockchain technology. Experience our user-friendly services with exclusive features.

  • Art in Block

    [2018 4Q Beta Open]

  • NPER Wallet

    [2018 2Q Released]

  • NPER Main_net

    [2019 1Q-2Q Test_net Release]
    - Peer to peer IP trading network
    - Global IP community
    - IP Tokenization feature


    [2019 1Q Renewal open]

  • NPER Wallet [2018 2Q Released]
  • Art in Block [2018 4Q Beta Open]
  • NPER Main_net [2019 1Q-2Q Test_net Release]

    - Peer to peer IP trading network
    - Global IP community
    - IP Tokenization feature

  • DIOCIAN [2019 1Q Renewal open]

NPER Wallet Download :

  • Protecting reasonable rights

    Beyond the existing centralized system, the creators' royalties and licensing costs could become more transparent and quicker through smart contract settlement.

  • Creating new IP ecosystem

    Building an IP specialized system that can make various attempts to solve the existing problems of the existing IP industry.

  • Constructing global network

    The NDIO platform aims to build a global network, and all DAPP services will be available on global stage.

  • Global Musician / Music Distribution

    Global Artist Collboration
    Music Profit Automatic Settlement and Transparent Distribution
    Music Distribution to 45 Countries and 90 Platform

  • Blockchain Contents Archive

    Communicating community for the creators
    Proof of rights by blockchainized registration of the works
    Blockchain based contents registration issue service
    Artists special tokenization service

  • IP distributed ledger
    NDIO IP Explorer

    Blockchainized IP information

    Publication of IP ownership / Licensing
    Recording of IP Lifecycle

    Protection of reasonable rights of the creators
    IP tokenization service
    Transparent records that tampers forgery or counterfeits

  • NDIO IP P2P Trading

    Ownership & licensing tradable Platform
    Document-free Smart Contract
    Economic Value creation through individual IP tokenization
    Creating IP industry with greater accessibility

2018 Q4
  • Token Issue / Token Swap
2019 Q1
  • Art in Block Contents Registration
    Certification System Beta Release
  • Block Explorer Development
  • JSON RPC API Release
  • Global Artists Collaboration Platform
    DIOCIAN Release
  • Core Wallet Release
  • Proof of Stake (PoS) on Testnet
  • IP Explorer (in Block Explorer) Release
  • Extend IP Business Model
  • Extend IP Business Model
2020 Q1-q2
  • Platform & Service Advancement updates
  • Artists Collaboration Expansion
  • Global Distribution Corporates Cooperation
  • Global Service Expansion
  • Cian Kim

    CEO, Founder

    He is the founder of DIOCIAN, and a serial entrepreneur. He majored in advertising at Korea University’s Graduate School of Journalism. He has experience of running online marketing company for many years. Afterwards he has served as the head of the new business team, PM for the group’s general marketing, and the distribution marketing team leader in Tongyang Group. He has developed global business skills while serving as a director in Silicon Valley in USA. He was awarded by the Minister of Culture-Sports and Tourism for the Korea Contents Awards in 2018 and served as a consultant of KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Investment Promotion Agency).

  • Jaeryong Kim


    He is the co-CEO and co-founder of NPER project, a global blockchain network of intellectual property. He majored in business administration and German literature at Chung-Ang University. He participated in the blockchain industry early on, developing planning skills and expanding his network. He has experience in consulting at the Korea Intellectual Property Research Institute on ‘Blockchain and Intellectual property’ research and a demo-day presentation at KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) leading the team to take the first place in the blockchain field of the day.

  • Mike Lee


    He participated in the develop-ment of related services such as large-volume data collection, data reporting with NEXTEL New Media Research Institute and WEB-International as gover nmental businesses. He will lead the NPER project successfully based on the devel opment know-how gained throu gh building and providing various solutions for more than 20 years

  • Danny Park

    Design Department Manager

    He has rich experience in UI and brand management of various Internet and mobile services. He has accumulated experience in visual strategy of consumer-contacting-points through his experience in advertisement design and planning of various projects such as Hyundai Card, KEB Hana Bank, SK Lubricants and KT.

  • Chan Park

    UI/UX Designer

    He has experience in content creation and PM marketing for brands, products, and services. From the experience of advertisement design, consulting and branding of various brand products such as outdoor, cosmetics, he aims to delivered the experience and the value of the product and service vividly to consumers through design.

  • Troy Ha


    As a full-stack developer at Diocian Korea, he participated in web and mobile service development and many collaborative projects & government projects. Based on the knowledge C programming language, he is expanding his capacity as a learning & thinking engineer.

  • Ismail Malik

    [ICO CROWD Editor in Chief]

    He is a representative of ICO Crowd, a blockchain magazine, where he has selected various global blockchain related projects and supported marketing. In London, he has gained technology-based financial experience in cryptography, asset management and mobile payment-related startups. He was in charge of business with worked with Vodafone, Cellnet and News International in emerging markets and has established the world's first blockchain Lab and the first DLT company at Level 39 in Canary Wharf, the largest Fin-tech accelerator.

  • Jae-Hong Shin


    He is a symbolic composer of South Korea. He is currently serving as representative of M Tree Music Limited, the first Korea-U.K. collaborative entertainment group and his representative works include <No feelings> (1989) by Lee, Seung-Chul, <I love you forever> (1991) by Shin, Seung-Hun, <Scars deeper than love> (1997) and <For you> (2000) by Yim, Jae-Beom, <I want you and I resent you> (2001) by As One, <Good Person> (2002) by Park, Hyo-Shin, <Join in love> (2006) by Lee, Hyun-Woo and <Last in love> (2013) by Junggigo.

  • Jin-no Ju

    [Chairman of SART]

    He launched the Munhwa news and has developed it into a leading culture magazine & newspaper in Korea. He has recently become the chairman of Seoul Art-Occupational Training College and is cultivating creative talents to lead the field of culture and arts in Korea in 48 departments from 11 categories such as performing arts, pet care, model acting, acting arts, practical dance, practical music, digital design, beauty arts, fashion arts, aviation maintenance, and jewelry arts.

  • Jay Jin


    He is the CEO and co-founder of. CREATORY, which is the top 3 in MCN industry and No. 1. in the game contents category industry in Vietnam. After graduating from a university in California, USA, he worked for Robust Investment. He worked at Vietnam branch of Line Corporation and then founded and is managing CREATORY. CREATORY has over 2 billion cumulative views on YouTube and has creators with more than 10 million subscribers. Currently, he is preparing to expand his business to southeast Asian countries beyond Vietnam.

  • Geun-ho Park

    [Representative lawyer of law firm Chang-Chun]

    He is a representative lawyer of a law firm Chang-Chun and a cryptocurrency specialist. He graduated from Yonsei University with a degree in Law and graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University’s graduate school. He is legal advisor to Korea’s major cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinone, Bithumb and BTCKorea and is a leading cryptocurrency law expert that covers various lawsuits regarding cryptocurrency.

  • KyoungPyo Hong

    [Mark Accelerator CEO]

    As an expert of Open Innovation, he expertized in start-ups investment and company building. For the first time in South Korea, he planned, operated and worked as a head of division at the conglomerate supervised accelerating program called “Hanwha DREAMPLUS”, He has invested in about 30 start-ups so far.

  • Daniel Nam


    He is the co-CEO and co-founder of NPER project. He has accumulated project planning and operating experience at Hyundai Motor Group. He was the youngest Entrepreneurship Division leader in multinational NGOs, and also contributed to the founding of third-country and developing country town enterprises. He has developed his global business skills through the first NASDAQ interview in the domestic(Korean) blockchain industry, business cooperations with multinational companies, and other global project advisor activities.